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Chocolate Bars

Mix and match 5% discount when you order 3 or more of our chocolate bars or fudge.

Inclusion Bars

The Inspired Chocolate Inclusion Bars are the fusion of pure British chocolate with a range of tasty, infusions such as fruits, fudge and cinder toffee! These bars are handmade in Leyburn and look as good as they taste!

"Just Chocolate" Bars

Sometimes keeping it simple is best. We have a range of delicious chocolate bars with no added flavour or inclusions, including the new Ruby Chocolate!

Single Origin Chocolate Bars

Specialty chocolate bars made with cocoa beans from a single source. Depending on where the beans have been grown will determine the taste and underlying tones of the chocolate.

Naturally Flavoured Bars

Delicious chocolate with natural flavourings.


There are no products in this category.