Where are you based?

We have two sites; our main factory is based in Leyburn business park, where we have a sit-down café and shop. We also have a shop in Darlington that serves takeaway drinks and ice creams.

Do you allow dogs?

Dogs are allowed in our shop in Darlington and in our café in Leyburn, we kindly ask that dogs be brought through the side entrance to the café so they don't come through the open factory space.   

Is all of your chocolate British made? 

Yes, our chocolate is made in Banbury with ingredients sourced as locally as possible, such as British Milk.

What is 'ruby chocolate'? 

Ruby chocolate comes from a ruby cocoa bean, even with it's beautiful pink colour and indulgent sour notes, ruby chocolate isn't artificially flavoured or coloured. Try some for yourself! 

Do you have dairy free/vegan chocolate?

We do! Most dark chocolate is dairy free (always check ingredients to be sure), but we do have a dairy free "milk" chocolate, that is made with tiger milk (from tiger nuts, or Chufa) instead of dairy milk, which gives a plant-based alternative to creaminess of milk chocolate. Find it here