Our workshop was moved and refurbished to make it COVID safe. It is now split into 3 booths using acrlic screens with each both accommodating up to 6 people. This enables us to run workshops safely with one group/household in each booth for your reassurance.

 Families can be accommodated by also using our Café area. We run Chocolate making workshops Monday to Saturday at the moment. We are also able to combine your workshop activity with a buffet, afternoon tea, supper etc.

You don't have to book, but we recommend doing so within busier periods (such as the school holidays), you can do this by calling the factory on: 01969 625 288

Below are our workshop options: 

  • Pizza workshop: This entails pouring melted chocolate and then decorating with various toppings. You will then make up your pizza boxes and can decorate if you wish. (£11pp suitable for all ages)
  • Lolly workshop:  This entails pouring melted chocolate onto a template to make three lollies.  You will then decorate with various toppings. (£11pp suitable for all ages)
  • Pig or sheep workshop: We give you the pre made chocolate parts and you build/stick together with melted chocolate either our standard sheep or pig. (£13pp suitable for 8+ years)
  • Truffle making workshop (standard): You will each select 8 truffle shells in milk, dark or white. You will fill them with a ganache and seal. Once the seal has set, you will then enrobe your truffles. Once enrobed you will decorate each truffle in a unique design with items such as raspberries, chilli, chocolate piping, sprinkles or similar. You will have a varied selection to choose from. Once completed you will put your truffles in a tray. (£20pp suitable for 12+ years)
  • Truffle making workshop (premium): This is the truffle making workshop as noted above but you add flavours to your truffles, have more toppings including edible glitter, put your truffles in a box rather than a tray and make a lolly. (£30pp suitable for 12+ years)